How to access the deep web on Android phone?

Earlier days, accessing the deep web is possible only on the desktop. But now things have been changed. Now the deep web is accessible even on Android and Android-powered Televisions. Today in this article, we’re going to show you how to browse the deep web on Android phone without risking your privacy.

Note that before attempting to access dark web make sure that you fully know about the hidden web, if not then I highly recommend you to read our other article on the deep web.

4 Ways to access deep web on Android mobile

You can access deep web on your Android mobile by following  anyone of the below methods,

Method -1: Using Orbot on Android

One of the easiest ways to browse the deep web on Android mobile is by using Orbot. Orbot is an android application developed by the team who created Tor browser. Here is how to setup orbot on your Android phone,

  1. Go to play store and Install Orbot (or click here).search orbot on android
  2. After installing Orbot, open the applicationopen the orbot app
  3. Tap on START to initialize the VPN connection.initialize the tor connection
  4. Once the Start button is clicked, you’ll see the STOP button like shown in the below screenshot. It means your connection to the deep is established successfully.orbot connection to dark web success

So now you’ve successfully created a connection to the deep web. The only thing now you’ve to do is just type the deep web address in your favorite browser and hit enter.

Don’t know which deep web URL to visit? No problem. You can find anything on the deep web using these popular deep web search engines.

Method -2: Using Orfox for Android

Orfox is another solution for surfing the dark web on Android. Unlike orbot, Orfox is a web browser that is specifically developed for browsing the hidden web. Here is how to install and configure Orfox on your Android phone,

  1. On your Android mobile, open Play store search for ‘Orfox‘. Finally, click on Install. (or click here)install orfox on android
  2. Click on OPEN to start the applicationstarting the app
  3. Once the application started, you’ll see a screen like shown in the below screenshot. In the address bar, type the URL of the deep website you want to surf and hit Search.orfox started successfully
  4. That’s it. You’re now connected to the dark web. Now just type any address of the hidden websites in the search bar and Tap enter.

Note that Orfox is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox which means you’ll find all the features of Mozilla in this browser. The only downside of this browser is it won’t support all the Mozilla plugins because of version issues. However, when comparing with security nothing can beat this software on Android.

Method -3: Using Deep web search engine

In Android phone, it is also possible to access the deep web without using any special encryption software like Tor. However, we don’t recommend this method but for the sake of educational purpose, we’re going to show you a method via which you can surf the hidden web directly on your favorite Android browser.

  1. On your Android web browser, visit this site Surfwaxopen surfwax on android phone
  2. Once the page is fully loaded, type the term which you want to search in the deep web. As you type, it’ll return the result in suggestions box. To visit the result page, just click any one of the results from search results which will then take you to the result page.deep web search on android

So that’s it, You’re done. But do keep in mind that using this method, you can get results only from the certain part of the deep web. And also the site Surfwax shows you the results from past 7 days only.

Finally, if you want to truly experience the deep web on Android, then I highly recommend you to try Orfox for Android which you can download from the play store for free.

Method -4: Using Google for searching Deep web

To date, you may have used Google for searching only basic stuff like ‘How to cook rice‘, ‘How to get 6 packs in 3 weeks‘, etc. But do you know that Google is also capable of displaying results from the deep web? Don’t know, right? No problem, I’ll now guide you how to use Google for exploring the dark part of the internet.

Note: Google shows you only the small portion of the deep web, so if you’re looking for a powerful deep web search engine then Google is not the one you’re looking for. However, there are some search engines which is specially developed for searching the deep web. You can find the list of deep web search engines by clicking here.

On your Android phone browser, Go to

google on android

Now the real fun starts. By default, Google shows you the result from the surface web. To get results from the deep web, you need to enter some special keywords in the Google search box. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a collection of pdf files related to technology. In that case, type ‘indexof: .pdf Technology‘ in the search field and hit Search.

google search hidden web on android mobile

You’ll now get results like shown in the above screenshot. In that, just click any one of the links which then takes you directly to the server that hosts that file.

server structure using deep web on android mobile

Viola! you now entered the folder directory of the server which comes under the part of the deep web. So now if you want to download any file from the server, just click the file which you want to download. That’s it, your file will now start to download.

Using the above method, you can get almost any digital files for free. But keep in mind that never ever download any copyrighted materials using the above method.


If you’re a type of person who cares more about the privacy, then I highly recommend you to use Orfox for surfing the deep web on Android. If you still didn’t get satisfied with this browser, don’t worry. There are also some other alternative methods to stay hidden while surfing the internet which I’ll share in the upcoming articles.

So now you know how to get into the dark web using the Android phone. So what you’re waiting for? Just Go and Enjoy your stay on the hidden web.


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