10+ Best Browser for Microsoft Windows Phone 10 & 8.1

Are you tired of finding the best web browser for your Microsoft windows phone? Don’t worry. Because today in this article we’re going to list out 8 best web browser for Windows phone 10 & 8.1 devices which are reviewed and tested by our team.

Best browser for windows phone 10 & 8.1

Here are the top 8 best web browsers for windows phone 10 & 8.1 devices. Note that the browsers listed below are selected based on the usability and features of the respective browser.

1. UC Browser (10 MB)

Are you a heavy internet user? If yes, then UC browser is the right choice for you. At the time of writing this article, UC browser is the highly rated web browser on the Windows phone store.  In this browser, you can easily stream videos from sites like youtube, Metacafe without exiting the browser.


Below are some of the highlights of UC HD browser,

  1. Ad-free: UC browser will automatically block annoying pop-up ads so you don’t need to install another adblocking app for blocking ads.
  2. Privacy: It has a feature called “Incognito browsing” which lets you browse sites without storing history and cookies.
  3. Inbuilt flash support: UC has an inbuilt video player using which you can play videos from any web page directly without exiting the browser.
  4. Other features:- night mode, Full-screen feature, speed mode, Text only mode, Save to SD card support and more.

Download UC for windows phone

2. Surfy (9MB)

Surfy is the second most highly rated web browser on the windows phone store. If you’re looking for a lightweight web browser with rich full features then the surfy browser is the right one for you. It has so many unique features built-in and another cool thing about this browser is it is free from advertising and limits.


Here are some of the best features of surfy browser,

  • Night dimmer: This feature will come in handy for those who were surfing the internet in dark.
  • Password manager: It has an inbuilt password manager using which you can easily protect your browsing history from evil eyes.
  • Private browsing: Want to browse without leaving your footprints? Then this feature will come in handy for you
  • Inbuilt download  manager: Using surfy’s download manager you can easily download videos from any online streaming websites.
  • SD Card support: Using surfy, you can download files directly on SD card.

Download Surfy for windows phone

3. Maxthon (8 MB)

It is a unique web browser that allows you to browse the web in a modern way. Its user interface looks similar to UC browser and also most of the features of UC browser is available in this browser as well.


Apart from those similar features, it has some unique features like inbuilt news feeds for reading latest trending news, GPS navigator for location tracking. Some interesting features of Maxthon browser,

  • Website mode: There is an option called “website preferences” using which you can easily change your browsing view from mobile to desktop.
  • Private mode: Using private mode feature, you can easily browse the internet without leaving any trace
  • Customization: Using the customizer option you can easily change the appearance of your browser in a single click.
  • Night mode: Like every web browser, this also has a night mode feature to guard your eyes during surfing the internet in dark. 

Download Maxthon for windows phone

4. Opera ( 5 MB)

Opera is the another modern popular web browser for your windows phone. If you’re looking for a decent web browser with feature rich options, then Opera is the right fit for you. Another cool thing about Opera is it is free to download and don’t have any limits or advertisements.


Here are some best features of Opera browser for windows phone,

  1. Inbuilt Ad-Block: Opera has an inbuilt ad-blocking technology which protects you from online scams, annoying advertisements etc.
  2. Customization: Customizer lets you change the look and feel of your web browser in a single click.
  3. Data saver: It helps you to browse the internet at higher speed by reducing the data size.
  4. Download manager: Opera has a powerful inbuilt download manager which lets you manage all your downloads in one place.

Download Opera for windows phone

5. Baidu Browser ( 3 MB)

As we all know that Baidu is the number one search engine is china. Apart from the search engine, they also have many other useful services and products which most of the people were unaware of. Baidu web browser is the app offered by Baidu for windows phone user.


It is free to download and don’t have any limits or advertisements in it. Here are some of the highlights of baidu web browser,

  1. Modern UI: Baidu browser Homepage looks similar to the windows phone tiles and also there is an option to customize the tiles. By customizing the tiles, you can easily match the browser style with your windows phone.
  2. Speed mode: By enabling “No picture mode“, you can easily increase your browsing speed up to 70%. What this option actually does is it compress the image as much as possible without losing the quality.
  3. Browsing mode: There’s an option to switch the browsing mode from mobile to desktop view. In some cases, it will be very useful to you.

Download Baidu for windows phone

6. Kaspersky Safe Browser ( 7 MB)

Kaspersky safe is another best alternative web browser to Baidu for windows phone 10 & 8.1 devices. The sole purpose of this browser is to keep you safe from phishing attacks and Malicious codes.


What this browser actually does is when you visit any website, Kaspersky will scan the whole website and if any harmful codes/scripts were found then it blocks the website from loading.

This browser will come in handy for those who were concerned about their privacy. Some of the top features of Kaspersky browser are,

  • Web protection: It has an inbuilt virus scanning technology which keeps you safe from prying eyes.
  • Browsing mode: There is an option known as “Website preference” using which you can easily change your browsing mode from mobile view to desktop view.

Download Kaspersky for windows phone

7. Touch browser ( 3 MB)

Touch browser is another excellent web browser for windows phone 8 and 10 devices. Its user interface looks very similar to default windows phone browser but in feature wise Touch browser has much more than that. To avoid accidental clicks, this browser has a locking functionality which when enabled makes all links unclickable.


Here are some of the features that make this browser standout from default browser,

  1. Speed dial:  Lets you add your favorite websites to a speed dial so the next time you can visit those websites by directly clicking on the link from speed dial.
  2. Offline read: Touch browser also has an option to download the whole webpage for offline reading.
  3. Password protect: do you want to protect your browsing history from prying eyes? If yes, then this feature will help you to protect your browser with a password.

Download Touch browser for windows phone

8. Surfcube (3 MB)

Surfcube is another best windows phone web browser for faster browsing experience. It has a feature called “Bandwidth saver” which helps you to increase your browsing speed by reducing the data. To make you familiar with this app, Surfcube also provides some tricks and tips to get most out of this app.


However, when comparing Surfcube  with the other browsers, Surfcube lacks so many features and also the user experience is very bad because of annoying advertisements. Otherwise, it is a great mobile web browser to try.

Here are some of the highlights of Surfcube web browser,

  1. Data saver: Like Opera, this browser also has a data saving feature which helps you to increase the browsing speed without compromising your browsing experience.
  2. Readability mode: This feature lets you read the article on the web in clutter free mode.
  3. HTML5 Support: Surfcube has full HTML5 compatibility and can play any videos even when the phone screen is locked.

Download Surfcube for windows phone

9. Explora 4 Browser (2 MB)

Explora 4 browser is the last browser in our list. It is the fastest web browser for windows phone 10 & 8.1 devices with so many premium features built in. It also has an option to protect the browser with a password. So when the next time you open the browser, it’ll ask you to enter the password.


If you’re looking for a light weight windows phone web browser with feature rich options then Explora 4 is the application you need to try. Here are the best features of Explora 4 web browser,

  1. Password protection: want to protect your browsing history from your friends? Then this feature will help you a lot.
  2. Theme editor: Explora lets you customize the browser in a way you like.
  3. Other features: ability to save last browsed/visited sites, Location settings, etc.

Download Explora 4 for windows phone

In Conclusion:

Hope you’ve found this list of best browsers for windows phone helpful. If you know any other best-performing windows phone web browser that we’ve missed then please let us know.

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