7 Best Music Player For Windows Phone 10 & 8.1

Got bored with default windows phone music player? Are you looking for the best music player for your windows phone that supports a wide variety of audio formats? If yes, then you’re in the correct spot because in this article I’m going to list out the top 5 best windows phone music players which you can download from the Windows phone store for free.

Best Music player for Windows Phone 10 & 8.1

1 NiQi Music Player

Are you a music lover? If so, then NiQi player is the right choice for you. It offers some unique features like beautiful UI interfaces, background music play and ability to add lyrics etc. A key part of this app is its user-friendly interface which makes you easily browse and play the songs in a single tap.

niqi player

NiQi Music player also has an option to create live tiles in the homepage. So whenever you want to open a NiQi music player, just directly click on the tiles from the home page. So finally, if you’re a hardcore music lover, then NiQi music player is pretty unbeatable.

Top 4 Features of NiQi music player:-

  • Lyrics support
  • Background music player
  • Ability to create Live Home Tiles for easy access
  • Playlists

Get NiQi player from Windows phone store

2. Perfect Music – Next Gen Music Player

The perfect Music player is the another best music playing app for Windows phone. Using this music player, you can easily listen and manage your music collections from one place. It also features a powerful music filter engine which allows you to play songs by folder, albums, artists and favorites very easily.

perfect music player

This player currently supports almost all popular media formats so you don’t have to worry about installing any other music players. One feature which I liked mostly on this app is its Exporting feature which allows you to import and export your own playlists to another media player.

Top picks of  perfect music player:

  • plays almost all file formats without any lag.
  • Supports Gesture control
  • Inbuilt lyrics search engine
  • Background music playback support
  • Powerful music managing library

Download Perfect music player from Windows phone store

3. Musitastic player

If you’re looking for a fast and colorful mp3 player then Musictastic is the right one for you. Musitastic presently supports all the audio files supported by windows phone’s default music player. It includes six unique themes which you can change from settings panel to match your style. It is completely free to download and also doesn’t have any annoying advertisements or in-app purchases (cool, right?).

musitastic video player

However, there are some disadvantages as well on this app where some of them include limited music format support, sudden freeze while playing a large media file, etc. Finally, if you’re looking for a lightweight music player then Musitastic is worth checking out.

Features provided by Musitastic:

  • Loads faster during startup
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Minimal design with 6 different themes
  • Inbuilt Music search engine.

Download Musitastic from Windows Store

4.  Flac player SD

Flac player SD is the first music player that comes with the equalizer in Windows phone store. One thing to note about this app is it is not a pure mp3 player because this app is solely created for playing free lossless audio codec(FLAC) format on your Windows phone.

flac player

However, this music player supports most of the mp3’s files but if you’re looking for a pure mp3 player then this app is not for you. Another important thing you’ve to know about this app is it stores data only on SD card so if your device has only internal storage then this app won’t work for you.

Features that you find only on Flac player

  • Inbuilt equalizer and spectral analyzer
  • Supports FLAC music format
  • Plays music even if your screen is locked

Get FLAC music player from store

Best-Paid Music Player for Windows Phone

1.  Core music player

It is one of the best-paid music players for windows phone in the market. Using Core music player you can easily play and manage songs from both phone memory and SD card. It features Metro User Interface so as a Windows phone user you’ll find very easy to use this app.

core music player

Core Music player has a powerful media playback engine which plays almost any audio types you throw into it. It also offers some unique features like Timer for scheduling your music playing time, History for quick access of recently played music files and Music library for managing your songs by artists, Albums, and genres.

Core Music Play Features:

  • Multiple language support
  • Powerful file manager for quicker music access
  • Supports Gesture controls
  • Plays audio files from both Internal and External storage

Get Core Music Player for $1.99 from windows phone store

2.  n7 player

n7player is one of the feature-rich music players with innovative design in the Windows phone store. Like Core music player, this player also has Metro interface but with lesser media playback controls. Its minimal design allows you to browse music in quick and easier way.

n7player for windows phone

At the time of writing this article, the n7 music player is in beta version so you may experience some lags while playing music files. This player supports all major audio file formats and another great feature is it has cloud music player so if you have any media file in your online storage device then n7 music player will come in handy.


  • Cloud music support (OneDrive, Google Drive)
  • Gesture control features
  • Background music playback support
  • powerful music filtering by artists, albums.

Get n7 audio player for $4 from Windows store

3.  Loco music player

Loco music player is another playlist oriented music player which gives you a full control over the audio files stored in your device. Didn’t liked the color scheme of Loco music player? No problem, it supports multiple themes which you can change from the settings panel of Loco player.

loco music player

It has some powerful features some of them includes FLAC codec for playing Free lossless audio codec format, Lyrics from mp3tag for displaying lyrics of the unknown track, Online music syncing feature for downloading a music from OneDrive and more.

Loco Music Player Unique Features:

  • SD Card support
  • Display Lyrics from mp3tag
  • Inbuilt volume control
  • More than 40 colorful themes

Download Loco music player from windows store for $1.99

Hope you find this list of best windows phone music player helpful. Did we miss any best music player? If so, kindly let us know via comment section. Finally, don’t forget to share this curated list of best music player with your friends.


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