7 Best Music Player For Windows Phone 10 & 8.1

Are you looking for the best music player for your windows phone that supports all major file formats? Then here are the list of top 5 best music players that are available in windows phone store.

Best Music player for WindowsPhone 10 & 8.1

1   NiQi Music Player

Are you a music lover? If Yes, then NiQi player is the right choice for you. It offers some unique features like beautiful UI interfaces, background music play and ability to add lyrics etc.

niqi player


  • Lyrics support
  • Background music play
  • Ability to create Live Tile for fast access
  • Playlists
2.  Perfect Music – Next Gen Music Player

Perfect Music player is the another best alternative for NiQi player. In the perfect music player, you can listen to music by folder, albums, artists very easily.

perfect music player

Another great feature of the perfect music player is that it allows you to create, import or export  your own playlists to another media player.


  • plays almost all file formats without any lag.
3. Musitastic music player

If you’re looking for a fast and colorful mp3 player then Musictastic is the right one for you. It includes six unique themes to match your style and another great thing is there are no advertisements in this app.

musitastic video player


  • fast startup
  • easy-to-use interface
  • minimal design
  • ability to search songs
4.  Flac player SD

It is the first music player with the equalizer in windows phone. Another thing to note is that it is not a pure mp3 player,although mp3’s are supported means that this player is mainly created for playing “flac”(free lossless audio codec) audio format.

flac player

Best-Paid Music Player for Windows Phone

1.  core music player

It is one of the best-paid music player for windows phone in the market. Using Core music player you can easily play and manage songs from both phone memory and SD card.

core music player

It supports all major file types. It also offers some unique features like timer, history, playback control etc. which surely change the way you hear the music.


  • Multiple language support
  • Folder navigation
  • Gesture controlled interface
  • And more.
2.  n7 player

n7player is one of the feature-rich music player with innovative design. It is  currently in beta version. It’s unique album interface allows you to browse music and playlists quick and easy.

n7player for windows phone

It supports all major audio file formats and plays music without any lag.


  • Cloud music support (onedrive, google drive)
  • Gesture
  • Background music play support
  • powerful music filtering by artists, albums.
3.  Loco music player

It  is a playlist oriented music player which gives you a full playlist control .Loco music player is an easy-to-use and powerful music player in windows phone store.

loco music player

Some of it’s powerful features are it adds a track from sd card, downloads music from onedrive, multiple themes option,gesture support and more…


  • SD Card support
  • Display Lyrics
  • Inbuilt volume control
  • More than 40 colorful themes
  • And more…

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