Best Torrent Leeching Sites Of 2017

One of the greatest advantages of using torrent leeching sites is that it gives you the direct download link of torrents, which means that you can easily download torrents directly on the web browser or IDM(internet download manager) at higher speed.

Nowadays choosing a best torrent leeching site is difficult because there are plenty of free torrent leecher sites are out there on the internet. So we’ve researched various torrent leechers on the internet and finally came up with the below list which is 100% working and easy to use.

Best Free Torrent Leeching Sites

Below is the list of top 10 free torrent leecher websites of 2016 which lets you download unlimited torrent files in higher speed for free.


Direct-Torrents is the best torrent leeching site for downloading torrents because there is no limitation on downloading torrents and you can simultaneously download up to 10 torrents a time.

direct torrents

Its 100% free torrent leecher that lets you download files without any file size limitations. The only thing I dislike about this leeching site is that it allows you to download only one file at a time.


  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • High-speed torrent download
  • Registration is not required. (Login is not required)
  • No limits for file size


  • File size more than 10 GB will be get deleted automatically
  • you’re allowed to be download 1 Torrent/hour
  • Parallel/multiple downloading is not supported

2. is an another excellent online torrent leecher website which lets you download torrents in high speed using Internet download manager.

ZbigZ alternatives

To enjoy full features of Zbigz buy their premium plan because for free users, it has some restrictions like 1GB download limit, 1-2 simultaneous download limit, etc. Its basic plan starts from 4$ for five days.


  • Download and Storage Space: 1GB for free users.
  • Resume download is supported
  • you can simultaneously download 2 torrents

What is on the Deep web? Interesting things on the Deep Web


  • To experience more features you need to buy ZbigZ premium membership.


Using this torrent leecher, you can fetch up to 1000GB each month!. Currently, premiumize stopped offering free storage space to non-premium members. So if you’re looking for a free torrent leeching site then this one is not for you.


If you want to enjoy more features like free international calling, Vpn then the premium plan is the right choice for you. It’s Premium plan starts from 8$ for one month.


  • Download and Storage Space: Unlimited
  • Hides your IP from prying eyes
  • Inbuilt audio and video player for direct streaming


  • Registration is required

4. is another great online torrent leeching website which allows you to download 2GB/day as a free user. If you need more storage space, then you’ve to buy their premium membership plan. Its basic plan starts from 5 USD/Month.



  • Download and Storage Space: 2GB
  • Inbuilt media player for direct streaming


  • Registration is required

5. 2Giga

2Giga is another excellent torrent leeching site and one of the best alternatives to


This leeching site lets you download torrent at higher speed, and you don’t need to buy premium plan because this site is 100% free and there are no limits.


  • Download and Storage Space: Unlimited
  • User-friendly interface


Using this site, you can download torrent up to 100GB per month. If you’re the free user, then this site won’t be very helpful for you because there are some restrictions like 1GB download limit, two simultaneous downloads a time etc..


Like other torrent leeching sites, it also has an inbuilt media player which lets you watch videos while downloading. Its basic plan starts from 5USD/Month.


Deep web Browser for Windows, Android, iPhone & Linux


  • Download and Storage Space: 1GB
  • Highly secure
  • Inbuilt media player for direct streaming
  • No annoying ads.


  • Registration is required.


ByteBX is another high-speed torrent leeching websites that offer 2.5GB free storage space for registered users.


So if you need additional space, you have to pay a little amount to get a premium membership. Its basic plan starts from 4 USD for five days validity.


  • Download and Storage Space: 2.5GB
  • Inbuilt video player for streaming torrents


  • Registration is required


It is an another great web based torrent leeching client which allows you to download torrent at high speed.

fugeit1 (1)

As a free user, you will get only 5GB disk space for your downloads. If you need more storage space, then go for their premium account. Its basic plan starts from 3.5USD for 100GB transfer and 30GB storage space.


  • Download  quota: 5GB
  • Storage: 5 GB


  • Requires registration.


If you’re a serious torrent downloader, then this site will come in handy for you. As a free user, you’ll get around 2GB free online storage space for your downloads.


To enjoy full features of putdrive, I recommend you to go for their Lifetime Traffic plan which costs you around 205USD (one-time fee).


  • Download and Storage Space: 2GB
  • Ability to integrate other cloud services. (SkyDrive, Google drive etc..)
  • Supports 85 premium hosters. (Mediafire)


  • Requires registration


This torrent leeching site lets you download torrent file of any size in higher speed at free of cost. Another good news is that there is no limit regarding storage or Bandwidth usage.


The only problem with this site is that it’s in the Russian language, and the people from Russia only can use their service. If you’re not from Russia, then the only way you can use this site is via Russian proxy address.


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  • Download and Storage Space: Unlimited

Paid  Torrent Leeching sites

Here is the list of premium torrent leeching websites that you may find useful. Note that the sites listed below don’t have any free trial pack.


Myfastfile is a latest premium torrent leeching website that lets you download torrents in high speed using download managers.


Earlier days, downloading torrents from Myfastfile is completely free, but now things have changed because currently, they’re allowing only their premium members to download from their servers.

It’s basic monthly plans start from 3 USD for one month.


  • let you download files from almost any torrent sites


Offcloud is another latest premium torrent leeching site which allows you to download files from any sites without any hassle.


Using this site you can easily download any content from online without scratching your head.

This site has a feature called Remote upload from where you can quickly transfer files from your Offcloud storage to Google Drive or Dropbox without any hassle.

Its basic monthly plan starts from $4.99 and yearly plan for $49.99


  • Support Remote upload to Google drive, oneDrive.
  • API and other related tools for developers
  • Supports more that 100+ hosts (both Free & Premium)


This site is currently in development stage so you may be facing some problem while using their site. Other than that this site has all the features that you need for downloading torrents.

Currently, this site is not giving any free storage or bandwidth usage. They’ll not bill you on monthly or yearly basis; they’ll charge you in pay as you go basis which means they are now charging GB/day for any storage you use.