Best Torrenting Program for Mac, Windows & Linux (2017 Updated)

Nowadays choosing a best torrenting program for windows is a tough task because on the web there are loads of free BitTorrent clients are available in which most of them are bundled with adware and spammy advertisements.

Are you confused which torrent program to choose? Don’t worry. To make things simple for you, we’ve gathered some of the best torrent clients for Windows 10, Linux and Mac operating systems from the internet which you can find in the below list.

Best Torrenting program for Windows, Mac & Linux(2017)

Below is an updated list of top 10 best torrenting programs for windows which let you download torrents faster over the BitTorrent network.

1. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is one of the world’s oldest and fastest torrent downloader which uses BitTorrent sync technology to provide fast and private p2p file sharing. Bittorrent client has inbuilt bandwidth booster which automatically adjusts network settings to increase your downloading speed.

Another great feature of the BitTorrent client is that it has a remote download option which lets you download files via BitTorrent control panel when you’re away from your home computer.

Bittorrent Features:

  • Ultra fast file delivery
  • Built in bandwidth booster
  • Free to use
  • No file size limits

Pricing: Free.  For ad-free version, you need to  buy BitTorrent pro version which costs around 22 USD per year.
File size: 3 MB
Download BitTorrent client

2. uTorrent

uTorrent is one of the fastest and free BitTorrent client available on the internet. One thing I like about uTorrent client is its’s lightweight (size is less than 1 MB) which installs on your system in less than a minute.


It also offers a service called BitTorrent Now from where you can experience Movies, Songs, and TV shows in high definition for free.

uTorrent features:

  • Faster download
  • Powerful and light
  • Automatic protection from viruses and worms
Pricing: Free. For ad-free version of Utorrent you need to buy uTorrent pro which costs around 20 USD per year.
File size: 1 MB
Download uTorrent client

3. Bitcomet

If you’re a serious torrent downloader then Bitcomet will come in handy for you. It’s a powerful windows torrent client which runs smoothly without slowing down your system.

It has inbuilt download management feature which lets you download files not only from BitTorrent servers (i,e) torrent links; but also from other sites like youtube, Vimeo etc.

bitcomet windows torrent client

Using BitComet, you can accelerate your torrent download speed up to 5-10 times faster than current speed. It’s the last windows torrent client you’ll have to download and also you don’t need to have any other download manager for HTTP file downloads.

Bitcomet features:

  • HTTP/FTP Download
  • Easy download management
  • Easy to use
  • Free to use
Pricing: Free
File size: 16 MB
Download Bitcomet

4. Tixati

Tixati is another best alternative to BitComet torrent software. It is free and lightweight torrent client which runs on all versions of Windows and Linux. You don’t need to have java or .net installed on your windows PC to run this application.

tixati windows torrent client

The only thing I dislike about Tixati application is its user interface which looks something like MS-DOS, other than that it is a great application for downloading torrents.

Tixati features:

  • Ultra-fast downloading algorithms
  • No spyware and no ads
  • Super-efficient peer selection
  • Super bandwidth management
Pricing: Free
File size: 16 MB
Download Tixati

5. Bitlord

Bitlord  is an another best BitTorrent client for Windows 10 and Mac devices which have features similar to BitComet. One biggest advantage of using this torrent client is its user interface which is very simple, clean and free from annoying ads.

bitlord windows torrent client

It has a built-in web browser from where you can easily search torrents from all around the web. It also has an inbuilt integrated VLC video player which lets you play torrent files while downloading.

Bitlord features:

  • Built in torrent search engine
  • Built-in web browser
  • Ability to create playlists for downloaded music and video files
Pricing: Free
File size: 27 MB
Download Bitlord

6. Vuze

Vuze is an another feature rich and safest torrent client available on the internet. It has many unique inbuilt features like Antivirus protection, remote desktop control, and built-in video player to keep you safe and entertained.

vuze windows torrent client

Vuze currently offers three variants; Leap, Free, and Plus version. You can see the difference between leap, free and plus version of Vuze in the below screenshot.

Vuze features:

  • Media playback support
  • Integrated meta searches for content discovery
  • Built in antivirus protection
  • And more…
Pricing: Free. If you need any additional features then you need to buy Vuze+ version in which you’ll get features like Inbuilt Antivirus protection, Plugin add feature etc.
File size: 20 MB
Download Vuze

7. Deluge

Deluge is a free, light-weight and cross platform supported BitTorrent client which lets you extend deluge functionality by adding additional plugins from their plugin directory.

deluge best windows torrent client

Some of the popular deluge plugins are AutoShutDown for automatic shutdown scheduler, Streaming for playing video or audio files while downloading and BitTorrent UI+ for adding torrents via Web UI.

Deluge features:

  • Full encryption
  • Plugin system
  • And more…
Pricing: Free
File size: 15 MB
Download Deluge

8. Turbobt

Turbobt is one of the old torrent client available on the internet. If you’re looking for feature rich torrent client then this one is not a right choice for you.

turbobt best torrent client

It is powered by python so to run this application you need to have python installed on your PC.

 Turbobt features:

  • Multi-language support
  • Download Que supported
  • Auto shutdown facility
  • And more…
Pricing: Free
File size: 3 MB
Download Turbobt

9. Transmission- Qt Win

It is a lightweight torrent client which runs smoothly on all platforms like Mac, Windows. It uses only a fewer resources than other torrent client and loads blazing fast during starting up your system.

transmission qt win torrent client

By default, Transmission-qt comes with only the basic features that are required for downloading torrent files. If you need any other additional features like remote controls, RSS feeds, Browser plugins then you’ve to download those plugins from this link.

Features of Transmission-qt:

  •  light weight torrent client with no ads
  • Remote control support
  • Ability to pause, resume and delete Torrent file.
Pricing: Free
File size: 18 MB
Download Transmission-qt

10. qBitTorrent

It is a free torrent client and best alternative to uTorrent. Even though it is a free torrent client, it has many premium inbuilt features that give you a full control over the downloads on the qBitTorrent.

qbittorrent - best torrent client

It has an inbuilt password manager using which you can easily protect qBitTorrent app with a password. So when someone tries to open qBitTorrent it’ll ask for a password to unlock the app.It runs smoothly on all platforms and provides same features on all popular platforms like

It runs smoothly on all platforms and provides same features on all popular platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

It also has a remote desktop feature which lets you control or download torrents remotely when you are away from your computer. qBitTorrent is currently available in 41 different languages.

Features of qBitTorrent:

  • Inbuilt password manager
  • Ability to see the statistics
  • Auto shutdown
  • Cookies manager
Pricing: Free
File size: 16 MB
Download qBitTorrent

11. FinalTorrent

It is one of the best user-friendly and fastest torrent downloader available on the internet.

When you open the app for the first time you may ask yourself whether you’ve downloaded the correct app or not. Because the interface of FinalTorrent’s Home screen will look something like web browsers interface with the search box at center as shown in the below image.

final torrent best torrent client

Unlike other torrenting programs the Home screen of FinalTorrent is not filled with annoying ads or any other spammy links. It uses its own inbuilt search engine to search the torrents across the web. To start a download all you need to do is click on the download link in the search results.

It also has an inbuilt file manager from where you can easily browse the downloaded torrent files in a single click. At this time, FinalTorrent is available to download for Windows platform only.

Features of FinalTorrent:

  • Powerful inbuilt-search engines
  • Built-in file manager
  • Free from Advertisements and spammy links
Pricing: Free
File size: 14  MB
Download FinalTorrent 

Hope you like this post. If you know any other best performing torrenting program then let us know via the comment section. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Note: Downloading copyrighted files over the BitTorrent network is illegal. So before downloading any files from the internet be familiar with the copyright laws in your country otherwise you’ll end up with problems.


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