20+ Best Windows phone apps of 2017

So you’re looking for the best list of apps for your windows phone, right? We know how difficult it is to pick the best app from windows phone store. To make things easier for you, we have picked top 20 best windows phone apps which you can find in the below lists.

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Best apps for Windows phone 8.1 & 10 – 2017

Adobe photoshop

Adobe photoshop is one of the best photo editing apps available on the windows phone store. It has almost every feature that is required for editing photos on windows phone device. It comes with some basic features like filters, noise reduction packs and a powerful slider for adjusting vibrance, contrast, and clarity.

adobe photoshop

Other than those basic features, it also has some advanced features like cut, crop, paste, rotate, etc using which you can edit photos directly on your mobile without any hassle.

Click to download Adobe photoshop express for your windows mobile.

Fresh paint


Are you type of person who loves painting on the go? If yes, then the first painting application you need to install right now is Fresh paint. Fresh paint is one of the best and user-friendly painting application available on the windows store. Using this painting app, you can easily convert your creative ideas into real. This application is suitable for anyone because it has the right editing tools for artists of all ages.

Go and install Fresh paint app right now!


Want to learn a new foreign language but don’t have enough money? Hereafter don’t worry about that. Because on windows store, there is an awesome app called Duolingo using which you can learn any language for free at anytime and anywhere. The only thing that you need for using this app is an Internet connection. Another good thing about this app is it is free from ads and fees.


Currently, Duolingo has 7 language tutorials some of them includes English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch. Once you started using this app, then you’ll surely get addicted.


Promegle is one of the best strangers chatting app available on the windows phone store. Promegle lets you chat with strangers in the anonymous mode so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. Finding friends using promegle is very easy because it has powerful search feature using which you can search friends based on Interest, Location, and Gender.


In a recent update, it has added a feature known as Multi chat mode using which you can chat with multiple strangers at the same time, Cool feature, right?

Network Speed Test

Network speed Test is the internet speed testing application which helps you calculate the internet speed on your windows phone device in real time. If you’re experiencing lower internet speed, then this is the right time to check your internet connection speed.

network speed test

Tap on ” to start the speed test. Now the app will start to send and receive traffic in various locations. Once it is completed, the Network Speed Test will show you the Download and Upload speed of your internet connection. Very useful application, Isn’t it?


Flashlight is one of the best torchlight application available for download on the windows app store.  This app helps you to convert your camera flashlight into torchlight. Flashlight app has a unique interface with two action buttons, Magnifier, and Level meter.


In case, if you don’t need bright light, then this application also has an option to switch to the soft light. Once you turned on soft light, the app will change your screen color to full white.

Tube HD


Tube HD is one of the most popular Youtube player apps in the windows phone store. Unlike other youtube players, this app has a lot of unique features some of them includes Youtube video download manager, Video to mp3 converter and Background download support. It can also play videos while your phone screen is under lock and also it supports background download support.


Horoscope is one of the must-have apps for those who has very strong beliefs in astrology. The astrological content on this app is prepared by an astrology expert who has over 16 years of experience in astrology field. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of this app.


One notable thing about this app is it is completely free to use and you don’t have to download a whole astrological content because this app only downloads content that you need.

Perfect Recorder

Are you looking for an audio recording app for your windows mobile? If so, then the Perfect recorder is the application you to need to check out right now. Presently, Perfect recorder is one of the most rated sound recording apps in the windows store.

perfect recorder

Hereafter, you don’t need to take any notes because using this application you can easily record meetings, classes, and lectures directly on your device. It also some accessibility features like an ability to record audio by shaking, recording under lock screen, ability to protect recorded audios using the password and much more.

G maps

Gmaps is one of the most popular maps application and also the best alternative to Here maps. Using Gmaps, you can get some basic information like routes, directions, weather conditions, and traffic. It has a powerful search functionality using which you can search places, shops and alternate routes in a single tap.


Want to share your favorite places to your friends or family? This application has that features as well. Just pin the location you want to share and then click on share and finally choose the medium(email, SMS) via which you want to share the maps.

Contacts backup excel

Are you looking for the best tool for backing up your contacts on windows phone? If yes, then Contacts Backup Excel is the one you need to install. Presently, this is the most reliable tool to backup your contacts. Using this application, you can easily backup all your phone contacts into Microsoft excel format which you can later send it to your email.

contacts backup excel

Note that using this application, you can be able to only export contacts. Currently, windows phone doesn’t allow you to import contacts via this app. However, this application is great for those who just need to take backup of contacts in .csv format.

photostatic college

Phototastic collage is one of the highly rated photo editing apps in the windows application store. Using Phototastic, you can easily create the best-looking collage of your photos in a single tap. This app currently has more than 100’s of templates so there is no chance to get bored during editing photos.


It also has an inbuilt sticker store from where you can download stickers of any kind for free. Go and install this awesome app right now!


Are you not happy with an official Instagram app? If yes, then this is the right time to change the Instagram client. For windows phone, there is an app called 6tag which is one of the top rated Instagram clients on the windows store. Using this client, you can upload videos and photos in HD format. Also, it has features like Instagram filters, Effects, photo collage, front and rear camera support, and an option to cut scenes from the recorded video.


One of the best features of this app is Multi-accounts using which you can use multiple Instagram accounts in the same device without getting banned.

Voice translator

Voice translator is one of the most useful apps out there on the windows app store. As a name says, Voice translator is one of the top rated translating apps using which you can easily translate the sentence from any language into your own language.

voice translator

Other than voice translation, this app also supports text to speech translation which means this app will read the foreign language and translate it to you in your preferred language.

watch ESPN

Want to enjoy ESPN shows live on your windows mobile? If so, then watch ESPN is the one you need to download right now. Watch ESPN is the official windows phone app of ESPN via which you can watch your favorite sports anywhere and anytime on your windows mobile. Using this software, you can stream videos from ESPN, SEC Network and other channels from the ESPN network at free of cost.


It also provides you latest highlights and news of your favorite shows from the ESPN. So go and download this awesome app right now!

Wallpaper HD

Wallpaper HD is one of the most reviewed wallpaper out there on the Windows phone app store. This app will come in handy especially when you’re bored with windows phone’s default wallpaper. Wallpaper HD currently has more than 1000+ HD wallpapers to download whose categories ranging from Nature wallpapers to Car wallpapers.


It doesn’t matter what screen size you have because this app has wallpapers for multiple screen resolutions. It also allows you to preview the image file directly on the lock screen so that you can test your lock screen wallpaper without exiting the app.


WeatherBug is one of the must-have application for those who travels a lot. Using WeatherBug, you can easily get the weather forecast for any country in real time.


One best thing about this application is it will give you extended 10-day forecast which means you can know the weather status 10 days ahead. It also has some other useful features like Live weather cams, interactive maps with pinned weather status, ability to set email for getting weather alerts and more!

My Piano Phone

Are you a music lover? Don’t you have enough money to buy Piano or Drumstick? Hereafter, no more worries. Because in windows phone store, there is an app called My Piano Phone using which you can experience Piano directly on your windows phone device.

my piano phone

This application lets you enjoy real sound of Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, Violin and Drumstick. My Piano Phone supports multi-touch feature which means you can play one or two keyboards at a time. You can get this application from windows app store for free.

Virtual Barber Shop

virtual barber shop

Virtual Barber Shop is one of the best fun apps out there on the app store. This app has prerecorded audio of barber shop which gives you a real virtual experience of the barber shop. To use this app, you will need a headphone. So once you’ve headphone ready, wear the headphones and close your eyes. Finally, play the audio.

Note that, to get the best experience move to the quietest place, increase the volume and play the audio.

Stopwatch Timer

Stopwatch Timer is one of the best stopwatch timer app out there on the app store. The reason we chose this app is because this app has more useful features than other timer apps some of them includes Lap timer, Countdown Timer, and Alarm.

stopwatch timer

You can also easily customize this app by choosing your favorite color or image as background. The only downside of this app is the free version is filled without annoying ads. If you want ad free experience then you need to buy Stopwatch Timer Pro which is the premium edition of this app.

Hope you’ve find this article helpful. If you know any other well-performing windows phone apps then please let us know so that we can add that to this list.


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