5+ Best Windows Phone Torrent client of 2017

If you’re a serious torrent downloader then whenever you buy a new device the first thing that comes to your mind is to download and install a torrent client. If your device is iPhone or Android then finding and downloading the best torrent app is easy. But what would you do if your device is Windows phone? It’s very hard, right?

To make things simple for you, we’ve gathered and reviewed top 5 best torrent clients for Windows Phone 8.1 & 10 devices which you can find from the below lists.

Best Windows phone Torrent Client

1  wpTorrent

wpTorrent is an increasingly most popular windows phone torrent client up to date. It has so many premium features built in, but only few part of the features is unlocked for free users.


To start downloading torrent files, click on “+” icon and paste the magnet link and finally click on Add button. There is also an option to download torrents directly to SD card which is pretty impressive.


It also has an inbuilt video player which plays video torrents while downloading. Currently, this video player supports the following formats: mp4, WMV, and some small definition Avi.

The only drawback I found on this app is it won’t download torrents while running in the background. Other than this it is a great torrent application to try.


  • Have an inbuilt torrent search engines
  • inbuilt media player
  • Remote download support
  • SD card support


  • downloading in the background is not supported
  • requires in-app purchases for unlocking full features
  • Annoying ads

Download from Windows Phone Store

2. Torrex

It is the latest torrent client for Windows Phone 8.1 and 10 devices which start blazing fast without slowing down your phone. To use this application, you don’t need to be a geek because this application is very user-friendly and straightforward using which you can easily find and download torrents right away without leaving the app.


It also has some premium features like inbuilt Mkv player, a built-in viewer for video, audio and image files, background download support and much more. However, most of the features mentioned above will be unlocked only after buying their premium version.

If you’re looking for a decent torrent client for your windows phone, then Torrex is the right app for you.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Background download supported
  • direct download to SD card is supported
  • Ability to control download speed.


  • In-app purchase is required for unlocking premium features
  • Annoying ads on free version

Download from Windows Phone Store

3. Torrents Free

Torrents Free is one of the highly rated torrent clients on the windows phone store. When comparing with the above torrent clients, Torrents Free’s user interface is simple, unique and has only fewer ads.

torrents free

When coming to downloading torrents, adding new torrents into the download Que is very easy. All you have to do is just click on “+” icon, then click on “Magnet link” and paste the link into the textbox and finally click on “Add” button to start a download.

torrents free download

It also has an inbuilt search engine using which you can easily find and download torrents with any hassle.


  • Beautiful UI
  • Ability to choose download location for torrents
  • Ability to search torrents without closing the app


  • Sometimes app won’t respond and display “can’t connect to the server” error message
  • for ad free version you need to buy a full version.

Download from Windows Phone Store

4. uManager

Unlike the other torrent clients, uManager is not a torrent downloading application. It’s just a torrent handling application using which you can easily download and control torrents remotely. So whenever you’re away from your home computer, uManager will come in handy for you.

umanager torrent handler

Before start using the application, you need to configure uTorrent server address. After configuring the new server, you’ll find your remote desktop name in the servers list.

umanager server configure

That’s it. Now your computer is successfully configured with the app. To add a new download on your remote computer, just click on  “+” button and paste the magnet link of the torrent you want to download and finally click on “Add” button to start the download.


  • Ability to download torrents remotely
  • Streaming support
  • and more.

Download from Windows Phone Store

5. MetroTransmissions

It is a free torrent handling application similar to uManager. Using this application, you can be able to connect only to MetroTransmission server.

metrotransmissions torrent client

Note that using this application, you can’t be able to download files on your phone. The primary purpose of using this app is to control and download the torrents remotely.


  • Able to stream torrents remotely
  • User-friendly interface
  • free from annoying ads

Download from Windows Phone Store

Hope you’ve found this post useful. If we’ve missed any other best windows phone torrent clients, then do let us know via the comments.

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