Deep web Browser for Windows, Android, iPhone & Linux

In our previous articles, we’ve explained to you what is the deep web and how you can access using it using Tor browser. In this post, we’re going to list out some of the most famous deep web browsers for Android, Windows & Linux. If you don’t know how to get into the dark web, then please click here to read that article.

Best Deep web browser of 2017

Tor Browser (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Tor Browser is one of the most commonly used browsers for accessing the secret web by netizens. Using this web browser, you can access the hidden internet directly on your PC without installing any other additional software. Tor browser looks pretty similar to Mozilla web browser but with some added plugins/extensions.

deep web browser for windows

Unlike other web browsers, Tor browser won’t collect any information about you which means the sites you’re visiting can’t collect any information from you. If you’re much worried about your privacy, then Tor browser is the must have app for you. You can download Tor browser from the below links,

Download Tor browser for Windows, Linux, Apple OS X.

Orbot (Android)

If you want to access the deep web on Android, then Orbot is the only choice for you. Orbot is developed by the Tor Project team for Android devices. Once you installed Orbot on your device, it acts as a proxy server which then hides your real IP address by bouncing your internet traffic from one computer to other computers around the globe.

deep web browser for android

It protects not only your browsing activity but also the internet traffic from other apps like Facebook & Twitter. So hereafter they can’t be able to trace your location and activity. Another good news is you’ll get all these features for free of cost!

The only downside of this application is, you’ll experience slower internet speed while browsing via Tor network. Anyway, it is a great app to have on your device.

Download Orbot from play store 

VPN Browser (iPhone)

Want to browse the hidden internet on your iPhone? If so then VPN browser helps you to achieve that. It works in the same way as the above browsers, but the only difference is VPN Browser is developed by Art Fusion Labs whereas the above two browsers are from Tor project team. But that doesn’t mean that this browser is unsafe to use.

If you are looking for a deep web browser for your iPhone, then VPN browser is the one of the must have app for you. Once installed, open the app. Its user interface looks pretty similar to the regular web browser but with some additional security options.

You can download VPN Browser for your iPhone by clicking here.

Operating systems with inbuilt deep web browser

Still didn’t get satisfied with the above browsers? Are you looking for a complete suite of tools for browsing the web? If so, then the below listed operating systems will help you. The operating systems listed below have inbuilt Tor web browser, so you don’t have to worry about the security.

Tails OS

Tails OS is one of the most widely used Linux distros by Hackers & Security researchers around the world. One of the highlights of this operating system is, all internet traffic is configured to use Tor. So you don’t have to worry about your privacy.

secret browser for windows

To use this operating system, all you need to have is a Pendrive or DVD reader with 2 GB of RAM (for smooth performance). Once the files are copied to pen drive, just plug the drive into your system and restarts. During startup, choose the Pendrive as your primary booting device and hit enter.

That’s it. The operating system will now start to boot. Now you can work on the operating system as you do on the standard operating system. You can download Tails OS by clicking here.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is another security Linux distro like Tails but with some advanced penetration testing tools. Security researchers and hackers mostly use this operating system. Some beginners may find little difficult during first-time use. If you’re a beginner, don’t get panic, because in Youtube there so many free tutorials for Kali Linux. In a nutshell, if you know how to use Kali correctly, then you can do wonders.

linux deep web browser

Kali Linux can be installed in Pendrive, DVD Reader, External Harddrive or directly on the system. The best part of this OS is it don’t have any particular system requirements; it even runs smoothly on the 512 MB RAM system. An internet traffic on this operating system is configured to use Tor relay, so you don’t have too much worry about the safety.

To download Kali Linux, head over to this site


Qubes is one of the powerful security-based operating systems with so many security tools built-in. Once you installed this operating system, you will feel like a God because the chances of getting infected by malware are pretty low on this operating system.

deep web browser for linux

Hereafter you don’t have to worry about clicking an email attachment from an unknown person or running a software from the untrusted developer because this OS has every security features that’ll help you to prevent theses kind of attacks.

Regarding online security, this operating system has a feature known as Whonix which enables you to access the internet securely by sending your traffic to Tor relay which means you don’t have to install another deep web browser separately.

Download Qubes from their website.

Browser plugins for browsing the Hidden web

Like dedicated deep web browser like Tor, there are also a plugins/extensions for a browser which converts the standard browser into a dark web browser. Here are the list of best plugins,

Deep web plugin for Chrome

For Google Chrome browser there is an extension called deep web which enables your Chrome browser a deep web compatible. Using this plugin is super easy. To browse the dark web on your Chrome browser, just install this plugin and then enter the URL of any dark websites and hit enter. For better security, enable this extension only during the time you want to access the dark web.

That’s all folks. Hope you found this list of dark web browsers useful. If you know any other best deep web browser for accessing the hidden internet, then please let us know on the below comments section.


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