What is the Deep web? How to get into the Deep web? [2017]

Deep web is nothing but a collection of websites whose content is entirely hidden from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Mike Bergman is the one who coined the name ‘Deep web’ in the 1990s. He called it as deep web because of its massive size. To date, no one knows the real size of the deep web.

Is it a bit like the normal web?

Yes. But the only difference is that regular web can be accessed from any browser whereas the deep web is accessible only via a particular web browser like Tor.

If you think you can find anything on the internet using Google, then you’re wrong! Because on the internet, there are numerous amount of useful websites which is completely beyond the reach of traditional search engines like Google and Bing. The Internet consists of two parts, Surface web, and Deep web.

surface web vs deep web

What is the Surface web?

Surface web refers to the portion of world wide web whose content can be accessed via normal web browser or standard search engines. When you use a search engine such as Google to find a web page, it scratches only the surface of the web (I,e) it gives you the results from the surface web only.

Some of the examples for surface web are,

And so on.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing shows only 1 % of the data available on the internet whereas the remaining 99% portion of the internet were secured and hidden in the hidden web.

What is the Deep web?

Deep web refers to the collection of websites whose content can’t be found using standard search engines. In other words, the deep web is the unindexed portion of the internet. Deepweb was also known as Hidden web, hidden net, invisible web, deep net.

what is deep web

One of the best example for the deep web is Gmail. Did you access your Gmail account today? If yes, then you accessed the deep web. Imagine if anyone could access your Facebook, Email or personal cloud storage. It wouldn’t be good, right? That’s why the content of Gmail, Facebook were secured under the deep web.

Some of the best examples for deep web,

  • password protected individual sites,
  • subpages,
  • Restricted access journals
  • Copyrighted materials(movies, software, etc.)

The deep web is mostly used by hackers, Military, Police, Whistleblowers, and groups who want to stay hidden online from government and law enforcement agencies.

What is the Dark web?

Some people think that both the deep web and dark web are the same. But they are not! Dark web is a small subcontinent of the deep web (I,e) a small portion of the deep web. Unlike the deep web, dark web can’t be accessed directly using a regular web browser like Chrome.

dark web vs deep web

To access the dark web, you need to have some special software called Tor browser, using this application you can browse websites without revealing your identity. Similar to Tor; there are some Softwares like I2P, Freenet, which also allows you to access the darknet, but Tor browser is the best regarding security and speed.

We also recommend you to check this guide on How to use Tor browser for anonymous browsing in where we’ve covered anything related to Tor.

Why is the deep web not directly accessible?

The reason that search engines can’t index deep websites is that when search engines try to index contents from the hidden web, the robots.txt of hidden sites blocks the search spider to crawl the web pages; that’s why search engines like Google and Bing are unable to index contents from those websites.

I know that terms like robots.txt, search spider, and crawler have confused you very much. Don’t worry about that; Just watch the below video to know some basic idea about how the search engine works, and you’re ready to go.

And also the content from password protected sites and private site are not indexable by the search engine because of password encryption. Hope you’ve got some idea about the search engine.

Can I access the deep web on a normal web browser?

Yes, some parts of the deep web are still accessible via normal web browsers. However, we don’t recommend you to visit those sites on a normal web browser. The reason is that most of them may trick you to install some ransomware on your PC which may then spy you in a stealth mode.

So then how can I access the deep web without revealing identity? Well, that’s where Tor browser come into play. Tor Browser is a web browser which lets you browse the Internet without revealing your original identity. To know more about Tor Browser and its security features, please read this guide: – How Tor browser works and how to use it in right way?

Setting up Tor browser on your system is so easy as 1,2,3. Just follow the below step-by-step instructions, and you’re ready to go.

  1. Go to Tor Browser download page and download the browser.downloading tor bundle
  2. Once the download is finished, double-click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install the browser.tor browser installing

So now you’ve installed Tor browser. Now you can visit any deep websites without any fear. To get you started, here’s the homepage of Hiddenwiki from where you can get updated list of deep web links.


Note that the above links only works on Tor browser. Once you visited the Hidden wiki site, you’ll see a huge list of hidden websites link as shown in the below image.

hiddenwiki showcase

One best thing about Hidden wiki site is it has showcased links based on category. For example, if you’re looking for a search engine then under the Search engines heading you’ll find the links to deep web search engines. I also recommend you to read this deep web search engine lists.

deep web search engine

Just click on any one of those links, and it’ll take you to that site. And then do a search as you do on the normal web.

deep web search

Note that some links appeared on search results may not work because website owner changes their web address regularly. If you need more deep web search engines links, then please read this guide:- 10 Best search engines for searching the deep web.

If you want to shield your online communications from government or internet service providers, then Tor browser is the best choice for you.

Is it safe to browse the deep web?

Nowadays anything you are doing on the internet is visible, traceable and possibly being monitored. Yes, everything you’re doing on online is visible and can be easily traced by your internet providers or government officials.

So now you might have a question “can the government or internet providers see what websites I visit on the hidden web?“, An answer is No because they can’t, That’s the power of Tor browser.

Things that you are searching on Tor browser is completely untraceable because it sends all your traffic through a series of encrypted computers all over the world, bouncing around randomly before it reaches its host destination.

This makes the origin of the data and the people searching for it, unknowable. So while you might be in New York, your search traffic can appear to be coming from random points all over the world, making your location mostly untraceable

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Invisible web that you may find useful.

1. Is it legal to access the hidden network?

Yes, it is legal to browse the hidden web. But keep in mind that it depends on the type of information that you’re looking for on the deep web. For example, stuff like Journals, newspapers are legal to read in deep web whereas illegal things like Human experiments is illegal.

2. Is there is any Search engine available for surfing the deep web?

Yes, there are some deep web search engines out there on the deep web. But the problem with those search engines is that the search results is not so good because most of the links on the search results are appeared to be broken. Here you can find the huge list of deep web search engine links.

3. Is Tor browser is the only way to access the deep web?

No. Like Tor, there are also have software like I2P and Freenet which also lets you access the invisible web by hiding your network address. However, we don’t recommend this to anyone because they were not highly secure when comparing with Tor.

4. Is deep web useful or full of bluff?

It’s very hard to say because some of the contents on the deep web are useful whereas some of them are not. So I always recommend you to read content only from the trusted sites on the deep web. In our next article, we’ll publish a huge list of deep website links. So stay tuned with us.

Final words: we hope that now you’ve got some basic knowledge about the Invisible web, Darkweb, and the Surface web.

So what’s next?

In our next post, we’ll show you how to access the darkest side of the internet(dark web) on your PC, Android or iPhone device without leaking your original identity. So stay tuned with us.

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