How to download torrent in Windows phone 10?

In our previous post, we’ve shown you how to use wptorrent for downloading torrent files on your windows mobile. Today in this article, we’re going to demonstrate you 2 different ways for downloading torrents on your Windows phone. So without wasting any your further time, let’s start.

Note: This article is written for educational purposes only. Never download any copyright files from the Torrent network. If you do, then one or another day you may get caught. So before downloading any torrent files, check the copyright laws in your country.

Steps to follow for downloading torrent on windows phone 10

Currently, there are two ways to download torrents on your Windows phone.

  1. Using torrenting program
  2. Using Torrent leeching sites

Method-1: Using Torrenting program

To download files from the torrent network, you need to have a torrent client installed on your device. If you don’t have one, go to this link and install the one that suits your needs. For demonstration purpose, I’m going to use Torrex Lite app.

Step-1: Download and install torrent program

  1. On your device, open Windows app store and search for ‘Torrex Lite‘.
  2. Click on the Torrex Lite app link
  3. Tap on Install to download the app

Once the installation is completed, continue to the step-2.

Step-2: Downloading torrent files using Torrex on Windows Mobile

  1. Open the Torrex Lite appstart app
  2. Now click on ‘‘ icongo options
  3. Choose  ‘Add torrent from URL‘ from the menuadd torrent
  4. Paste the magnet URL of the torrent in the field and click ‘Addclick add
  5. Now it’ll display the file information of the torrent. Click on the ‘Select a folder‘ under destination folder option and choose the download location.initialize download
  6.  Finally, click on “Start” button to initialize the download.resume torrent

Once the downloading is completed, you’ll find your downloaded file in the location selected by you.

Method-2: Using Torrent leeching sites

One of the easiest ways to download torrents on windows phone is by using Torrent leeching websites. Because there is no need to install torrent client or any other third party software for downloading files from the torrent network.  The only thing you’ll need is a web browser with active internet connection.

Just follow the below 4 simple steps to learn how to download torrent using leeching sites,

  1.  Copy the magnet link of the torrent that you wish to download
  2.  On your windows phone, Go to this link  and paste the magnet link in the box and click Godownload torrent on windows phone using leeching
  3.  Once you click the Go button, a popup will appear. In that click on free.
  4. Now it’ll display the file name with the download link at right. Click on download button to start the download. click download icon to start the download on lumia

As soon as you hit the download button, the file will start to download on your favorite web browser.

Hope you find this guide useful. If you’ve any difficulty regarding downloading torrents from peer to peer network, then don’t hesitate to ask us. You can contact us via the contact us page or via the comments section.

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