Top 5 Free Cross Browser checking tools of 2017

Are you looking for a free cross browser checking tools for testing your web designs? If so, then you’re a lucky one. Because in this article, I’m going to list out some of the best tools using which you can test websites in multiple browsers on multiple platforms. So without wasting any your further time, let’s jump into the list.

Best free Cross Browser Checking Tools – 2017


Browserstack is one of the most commonly used tools by web developers for checking cross browser compatibility. The best part of Browserstack is that anyone with some basic computer knowledge can easily get started with this app. Once you open the site,  you’ll notice a file manager like interface. In there, just click the operating system you want to load and then click on the browser version to open the browser. Very easy to use, right?

select browser version

Don’t you have enough time to daily test your website? No problem. Browserstack has a solution for that. Using Browserstack’s Automate feature, you can easily automate cross-browser compatibility checking for your web app. But keep in mind that, the automate feature is available only for premium users. Here are some of the useful features provided by Browserstack,

  • Supports Automation testing using Selenium
  • Localhost testing supported
  • Provides more that 1100 browsers to test
  • Cloud Mobile App testing feature on real devices (iOS & Android)
  • Responsive design checking tool

Subscription type: Freemium (click here for pricing info)


As the name says, CrossBrowserTesting is an online tool for testing web design related issues in multiple browsers across various operating systems. Like BrowserStack, it is also a web-based browser testing tool which once signed up will give you access to 1500+ browsers and Operating system combinations.

cross browser testing -2

It has a feature known as  Javascript unit testing using which you can test the javascript compatibility issues of your website in multiple web browsers. If any error found, it’ll notify you in the spot. CrossBrowserTesting currently offers three kinds of testing features; Functional testing for testing using selenium, Visual Test Automation for side by side validation and   Live Manual Testing for manual testing.

Features of CrossBrowserTesting:

  • API access available
  • JS unit testing using JUnit and Mocha frameworks
  • Inbuilt comparison tool for side by side testing

Subscription Type: Premium (Plans details)


Browserling is another freemium based online browser testing tool which lets you hunt design bugs on multiple browsers without any trouble. Getting started with this site is super easy. All you need to do is just register for a new account and once registered, you’ll see a browser interface. In there, type the website URL in the address bar and start your testing.

Browserling -3

Looking for a quicker way of testing? If yes, then Browserling’s extension will come in handy for you. Once installed, you can test your website without visiting Browserling. It also has a screen recording feature which lets you record your testing videos in high definition.Once the recording is completed, you can share it with your friends or colleagues in a single mouse click. Here are the list of some cool features provided by Browserling,

  • SSH & SSL supported
  • Ability to record and screenshot your websites in various browsers
  • Extensions for popular web browsers
  • API service
  • Responsive tester

Subscription type: Freemium (pricing details)


In a cross browser testing tool market, BrowserShots is the only tool which provides free cross browser testing service to its customers. It currently provides access to 200+ browsers for free. However, it also has some limitations. In that, one of the biggest drawbacks of this site is it will process your request based on request priority (i,e) in Que basis. So you’ve to wait for few minutes to get your results.

browsershots cross browser checking tool

BrowserShots also has some powerful filter functionality which lets you choose Operating systems and Screen size combinations in a single click. By using all 100+ different combinations of browsers and Operating systems, you can test your web design for free. Finally, if you don’t have enough budget, then BrowserShots is the right choice for you. BrowserShots currently provides the following features,

  • More than 200+ browsers available for free testing.
  • Has almost all Operating systems
  • Supports 6 different screen resolutions

Subscription type: Free


Looking for an advanced cross-browser testing tool? If so, then Browsera is the one you need to try. Using this site, you can easily test layout and javascript errors of your website in a single scan. Another good news is, you don’t need to install any additional software on your Computer because it’s service runs entirely in the cloud server which means you can experience their service in lightning speed.

Have pages to test behind the login? No worries. Browsera also has an inbuilt feature to test pages behind the authentication. Before starting the scan, you’ve to enter the login credentials on the form. So while testing, if any pages ask for credentials, Browsersa will use the credentials entered by you. Here’re the highlights of Browsera,

  • Inbuilt Automation tool
  • Detect Javascript & Layout errors
  • Ability to test dynamic web pages (AJAX)

Subscription type: Freemium (Plans info)


Saucelabs is one of the best selenium based automation testing tool for checking cross-browser compatibility issues. It currently provides you around 800+ browsers and OS combinations which are huge! To use this site, you don’t need to have any separate system requirements because all the service of Saucelabs is hosted on a cloud server.

saucelabs testing tool - 4

Other than browser automation tools, it also offers other services like Mobile App testing, Group chatting feature and Virtual Android and iOS devices. Presently, saucelabs don’t have any free account sign up option. To get those services, you need to pay around $19/month which allows only one user at a time. So if you’re looking for your team, then it is not a great option. Here are the top picks of Saucelabs,

  • Supports Selenium based automation.
  • Provides you cloud-based Android, iOS, and Windows phone emulator/simulator.
  • Has 800+ browsers & OS combinations.

Subscription type: Premium (More details)


Looking for an offline desktop application for cross browser testing? If yes, then Turbo is the one you need to try. Presently, it is the only application which runs on desktop and doesn’t need a Network connection for testing. Once installed, you’ll get access to their virtual lab from where you can test your website’s cross-browser compatibility issues in a single mouse click.

turbo cross browser test- 5

When comparing with the above tools, the monthly fees of Turbo is very cheap. It also offers a free account but the problem with this is it won’t allow you to run desktop from any cloud server other than your windows desktop. Other than this tool,  Turbo is also providing other services like online virtual Softwares, Sandboxed developer tools, Online media editing tools and more.

Features of Turbo:

  • Runs on windows desktop as standalone application
  • Internet connection is not mandatory
  • Provides various other tools for single price

Subscription type: Premium (More details)

IE NetRenderer

Want to test your web designs specifically on Internet Explorer? If yes, then IE NetRenderer is the one you’re looking for. IE NetRenderer will let you test your projects on real internet explorer browsers for free of cost. Once the analyze is completed, it’ll show you the screenshot of how your web page looks on the IE browser.

IE NetRenderer - 6

In most of the case, this tool will helpful however the real time view is not supported by IE NetRenderer. Otherwise, it is a great site to have on bookmarks for web designers. Features that you’ll find only on IE NetRenderer,

  • Have all Internet Explorer versions
  • High-speed rendering capability

Subscription type: Free


TestingBot is another selenium based cross browser checking tool which lets you automate your browser tests in 800+ browsers without any trouble. It also has a Manual testing feature for those who don’t want to automate the tests. You don’t have to install any software from TestingBot because it lets you control any browser within your browser (i,e) you’ll be provided with an interface from where you can load any browser versions within your own browser.

browseemall cross browser compatibility- 7

Want to test your highly secured project? No problem. TestingBot has a secure tunnel technology which allows you to test your local hosted websites directly on your system. It currently doesn’t have an option to create a free account. However, it provides a free 100 Minutes account without asking your credit card details. So for review purposes, you can utilize their trial account.

Top features of TestingBot

  • Supports both Manual and Automation testing.
  • 800+ real web browsers
  • Local dev environments for testing locally hosted websites

Subscription type: Premium (Plan details)


Like Turbo, BrowseEmAll is also an offline desktop application using which you can analyze your web design projects directly on your system. It currently has 80+ desktop browsers and 35+  mobile browsers built in which makes your testing experience very tension free. And also the user interface of this software is very newbie-friendly.

testingbot cross browser compatibility testing 8

Even though it is a desktop software, it has so many powerful features built in some of them includes side by side browser comparator, selenium tester, and page analytics feature. It presently doesn’t have a free plan however it provides a free 14-day trial.

Subscription type: Premium (Pricing details)

Hope you’ve found the above list of free cross browser checking tools useful. Did we miss anything? or do you know any other best cross browser checking tool? Please let us know via the comments.


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