30 Must have apps for Windows phone 10

Are you new to Windows phone? If yes, then chances are you might be having a confusion on installing essential apps. To make things easier for you, we’ve analyzed over hundreds of apps and from that we’ve chosen top 30 useful apps which we think must-have apps for every windows phone device.

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Here is the list of 30 must have apps for windows phone which you can download right now!


Earlier days, if we want to scan documents, we’ll need a scanner. But now, things have been changed. Hereafter we don’t need any extra device for scanning documents because on windows phone there is an app called Camscanner using which you can scan documents using your device camera in a couple of clicks.

Camscanner currently offers two versions: Basic and Premium Account. If you go with a premium option, then you’ll get additional features like 10 GB cloud storage, No limit on folder creation and more.


If you’re a type of person who loves watching videos or movies, then Moliplayer is the first application you need to install right now. Moliplayer is one of the most popular and powerful video players available on the windows phone store. When coming to say about video playback support, Moliplayer supports almost 120+ different type of video formats which means it plays almost all popular video formats available on the internet.

In order to download Moliplayer pro version, you need to pay around 3$. But don’t worry, there is a way to install Moliplayer for free which you can find on this article.


Dailyhunt is arguably one of the best news reader application out there on the windows phone store. If you’re from India or Nepal, then this application will come in very handy for you because the news provided by Dailyhunt is mainly in Hindi, Tamil or Malayalam language.

If you’re not from those countries, don’t worry, because for you there is an application called MSN news using which you can read top stories and news around you for free in your own language.


Are you a non-native English speaker? If yes, then Dictionary is the application you need to install right now. Now you may think ‘why I need to install dictionary app when there is the Internet’. The answer to your question is this application will work even if there is no internet connection on your windows phone device. Pretty awesome, right

dictionary for windows phone-min

Another great thing to note about this app is it currently contains over 150,000 keywords and it’s definitions. To get the definitions, all you need to do is type the word in search box and then click on the respective word to get the definitions.


Flipboard is one of the must have app for magazine lovers. Using this application, you can read the latest news, popular stories, viral videos and stories shared by your friends for free. Don’t want to receive news from a specific site? No worries, Flipboard also has an option for that. In Flipboard, under Discover option, you can select the source from where you want to hear the news.

Flipboard also lets you save articles in your magazine’s collections section. This option will be very useful for those who has very busy schedule. So what you’re waiting for? Install Flipboard on your windows phone device and enjoy reading magazines for free.

Loco Music Player

Loco music player is one of the must-have application for those who loves listening music on Windows phone. The reason we’re including this app in this list is because this music player has so many features built in, some of them includes a powerful playlist builder, ability to download/upload music to cloud storage, powerful search feature, easy to interface and more.

loco music player-min

Note that this application is not a free version. To download this music player, you need to pay $1.99 which is a one-time payment.

Metro File Manager

Are you got bored with windows phone’s default file manager? I know, you are. Hereafter say goodbye to that because today I’m going to share you a wonderful file manager for Windows phone. Its name is Metro file manager. Presently, Metro file manager is one of the highly rated file managers in the windows phone store.

metro file manager-min

It features a clean Metro design with the nice user-friendly interface. Like other file managers, it has some basic features like Copy, Paste, Sort and also an option to search files. Other than those basic features, it also has some premium features like an ability to upload files to third party cloud storages like OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

My Daily Fitness Guide

My Fitness Guide is one of the best fitness apps available on the windows phone store. This application is the official windows phone application of Gold’s Gym India. Using this application, you can learn latest workout steps, tips. and also some best practices you’ll need to follow before beginning the workout.

fitness app-min

It has a feature known as Progress tracker using which you can easily track your weekly workout schedules, an amount of muscle gained and percentage of fat burned for the current month. If you’re more concerned about your health then this is the application you need to install right now.


I assume that you already had heard about Skype. If not, let me introduce you to this awesome app. Skype is one of the best video calling apps available on the windows phone store. Using Skype, you can call and message anyone around the globe for free.

skype for windows phone

It also has some useful features like an ability to share files, Location and also Screen sharing facility. Note that, to use this application you must need an active internet connection. So what you’re waiting for? Go and install this awesome app right now!

UC Browser

Are you still using windows phone default web browser? If yes, then chances are you might have been faced some issues like sudden browser crash, failed downloads, Video playback not supported, etc, etc. Want to get rid of those annoying issues in future? If yes, then UC browser is the one you need to check out right now.

It has almost everything that is required for being the perfect browser. UC browser has a powerful download manager which using which you can download files even when your phone screen is locked. Awesome, right? Go and download it right now.

PDF Reader

Are you looking for a PDF reader for your windows mobile? If yes, then PDF reader is the one you need to install. The reason we’re recommending you to install this app is because it is developed by Microsoft corporation. There are also so many other Pdf readers out there, but this is the only application which is free from spyware and in-app purchases.

pdf reader-min

This PDF reader supports almost all popular document formats some of them includes PDF, TIFF, and XPS files. Other than those basic features, it also has some advanced features like the ability for auto fill forms, an inbuilt search engine for searching words on documents and printer option for printing out your documents.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is one of the best and user-friendly remote desktop application available on the windows phone store. If you’re  a system administrator or other type of an IT guy, then this is the application you need to install right now. Using this application, you can connect to any PC from anywhere and anytime across the globe for free.

It features high end to end video and audio encryption, Multi-touch support with advanced options like Gestures, an ability to zoom in using your device and more. Another thing to note about this app is, it is developed by Microsoft corporation which means you don’t have to worry about the security because they were working very hard in order to keep your device secure.

Ringtone Maker

This is one of the must have application for every windows phone user because without this application setting custom ringtone on windows phone is not possible. Ringtone maker application lets you shrink your favorite music into a ringtone format which you can set later as a ringtone for notification alerts or caller ringtone.

ringtone maker-min

This application has powerful music editing tools some of them includes start and end music selection, the length of music and also has an ability to select output format. To use this application you don’t need to have an active internet connection.


Are you looking for an alternative way to share files other than using Bluetooth? If yes, then Share.it is the one you need to try right now. It is the file sharing application which allows you to transfer large files across multiple devices in seconds.

Share.it is a cross platform supported device which means you can send files from windows phone to android, windows phone to iOS and windows mobile to Windows PC without any hassle. So what you’re waiting for? Go to windows phone store and install Share.it right now!

Smart Screenshot

Are you still using button shortcuts for capturing your device screenshot? If yes, then why not try Smart Screenshot application. Currently, it is the only application that has some advanced features for capturing screenshots.

screenshot for windows mobile-min

Using this awesome screenshot application, you can easily fake your mobile screenshot (i,e) let’s say you’ve captured screenshot on your Lumia 720 device, using this app, you can easily convert your captured screenshot with various popular Lumia phone mockups.


Are you getting so many incoming calls from unknown number? Hereafter you don’t have to worry about that. Because on windows phone store, there is an app called Truecaller using which you can easily identify the man behind that phone number.

Truecaller has so many useful features built in some of them includes automatic call block, ability to search anyone’s number using a name and much more. This application is completely free to use but the only thing I hate about this app is it will scan all your contacts without your permission.

Tubecast for YouTube

Tubecast is one of the best-rated youtube players available in the windows phone store. Using this application you can watch videos in five different variants: 360p,480p,720p,1080p. By default, the resolution of the youtube video depends on the speed of your internet connection. However, there also has an option to set the custom video resolution so you don’t need to worry about that.


It also has an inbuilt download manager using which you can download videos from youtube without any hassle. Note that, not all videos are legal to download from youtube. So before downloading videos from Youtube, check whether it is legal to download or not.

Voice Recorder Pro+

Voice recorder pro+ is another must have software for those who takes classes, conducts meetings and gives interviews. Using Voice recorder pro, you can easily record audios directly on your Microsoft Lumia phone. Once the recording is completed, you can upload the recorded audio to your OneDrive account. So whenever your device is running out of storage, you can easily upload your recorded audio to OneDrive in a single tap.

voice recorder-min

Now let’s come to the negative side of this app. Voice recorder pro has an audio recording size limit of 100 MB which means the recording will be stopped once its size reached 100 MB.


In windows phone store, there are so many torrent downloaders are there, but the wpTorrent is the only one which stands out from the crowd. The reason this app stands out from the crowd is because wpTorrent has so many useful features which are not available for free on the other torrent app.

Using this app, you can easily download torrent files on your windows phone device in a single tap. Note that, on the free version, you may see some ads. If you want to disable those ads, then you need to buy their pro version.


Want to know the meaning of any foreign language? If yes, then Translator is the app you need to try first. Translating a web page from foreign language to your language is easy as 1,2,3. To translate the web page, just visit the foreign-language site and then click on the Mircosoft translator icon to start the translation.


Once you tap the translator icon, it will translate those web page into your language in seconds. If you don’t want to translate the whole webpage, then just select the text you want to translate and then click on the in-line transition to translate those selected texts.


Are you looking for a best Wikipedia reading app for your windows phone? If yes, then Wikipedia is the one you to try out first. This app is an excellent app for anyone who loves reading articles while traveling. In Wikipedia app, there is an option called Pocket reader using which you can save Wikipedia articles for offline reading.

wikipedia windows phone

It has a switch language feature which lets you change the language of the article to your preferred language. Using this app, you can search Wikipedia in 100 different languages which are pretty cool, right?

Workout Scheduler

Workout scheduler is relatively a new fitness app available on the windows phone store. This app is a must-have application for those who do regular workouts, Joggings and other physical activities. One best feature I liked about this app is it has so many Guides on workouts with step by step instruction which is very useful for those who don’t have personal trainers.

workout scheduler-min

It has so many useful features some of the important ones are inbuilt news feeds, workout schedule manager, Body profile tracker and much more. In the free version, you may find some annoying ads so if you’ve money then it is good to buy their pro version.


Are you a type of person who forgot to do necessary things? If yes, then this is the time to change yourself. To make things happen, you need a better plan, that’s where the To do list app comes into play. In windows phone store, there is an App called ‘Reminders’ which lets you create unlimited reminders in colorful lists.

Hereafter don’t allow your mind to clutter up with unnecessary things. Download and install this app right now!

Upgrade Advisor

Want to know whether your device supports latest firmware updates? If yes, then the first application you need to install on your windows phone device is Upgrade Advisor. It is developed by Microsoft corporation itself. Using this app, you can easily check whether your device model supports the latest firmware or not.

upgrade advisor-min

The file size of this app is less than 3 MB. So what you’re waiting for? Install Upgrade advisor and stay up to date with the latest software update.

Microsoft Phone Companion

Want to sync up your mobile device with multiple devices? Don’t know how to do that? No more worries. Because in windows phone store, there is an app called Microsoft Phone Companion which helps you to sync up your files on windows phone with PC, Android, and iOS devices.

To get started, all you have to do is, download and install Microsoft Companion on both Mobile and PC. Once you’ve installed Microsoft phone companion, plug your Lumia device to PC and wait for a few minutes to install your device driver. Once the device driver is installed, it’ll display your phone model.

That’s it. You’ve successfully configured your device. Now you can effortlessly transfer all files from your Windows 10 PC to Windows mobile in a couple of clicks.

10 ZIP RAR Archiver

10 ZIP RAR Archiver is another must have application for windows mobile users. It is a file extracting software using which you can easily extract or archive folder in a single click. There are so many Rar archives out there on windows phone store, but 10 ZIP RAR is the only application that is available for free to download.

This app supports almost popular formats like .ZIP, .RAR, .RAR with password, .GZIP, .TAR and more.

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Hope you’ve find this list useful. If we missed any apps, tell us about them in the comments or message us via the contacts page.


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