How to view a Website in different Browsers?

Are you a web developer? If so, then you know how difficult it is to develop cross platform supported websites. As a web developer, I also struggled a lot in the beginning because I don’t know which is the right tool for testing website across multiple devices.

After struggling a lot, I came across some useful websites/tools which saved me a lot of time in my responsive web design projects. Today I’m going to share you an awesome tool which I use daily to get my job done. So let’s jump into it!

view a Website in different browsers

To view a website in different browsers, we’re going to use an online tool called Browserstack using which you can test your websites in different browsers on multiple platforms.

To get started with Browserstack, you need an account on Browserstack. So to create a new account visit this link and enter your correct details and click on Sign me up to complete the signup.

sign up an account on browserstack

You’ll now receive a confirmation mail on your email address. Click on it to verify your account.

confirm account on browserstack

Once you clicked the confirmation link, you’ll be taken to a Dashboard page. In the beginning, it’ll ask whether you want to enable local testing or not. In that, just click on Enable Local Testing.

enable local testing on browserstack

It’ll now ask permission to install a plugin. Click on Add app to install the chrome app. Once the plugin is installed, you’ll see a window like shown in the below screenshot.

browserstack home screen

Now on the left sidebar, you’ll see a list of operating systems supported by Browserstack. In that, click on the operating system in which you want to test your website.

select the operating systems

Once the operating system is clicked, you’ll now see a list of browsers with their version numbers prefixed. Just click on the browser version in which you want to check your site.

select browser version

After the browser is selected, the browser will start to load from the nearest cloud service provider.

browserstack test browser

Wait for a few seconds. Once the web page is fully loaded, the browser requested by you will be displayed on your browser.

test the site on various browsers

Now in the address bar, enter the URL of the website you want to test and hit the enter button.

enter the website address to check

That’s it. The website requested by you will now load on the virtual browser as shown in the above picture. You can now test it as you do on the normal web browser. To switch to another browser, click on STOP to end the current browser session.

stop testing browser

Then select any browser as we did in beginning and continue your testing. So what you’re waiting for? Go and make your website cross browser compatible.

Note that, like Browserstack, there are also so many Browser compatibility checking sites out there on the internet. If you’re looking for Browserstack alternatives, then I recommend you to read this article where I’ve reviewed 5 best cross-browser compatibility checking tools of 2017.

Hope you’d found this tutorial useful. Don’t forget to share this awesome tool with your web developer friends.



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