How to watch Mkv Videos on Windows phone

So you tried to open Mkv videos on your windows phone but sadly it didn’t play the video, right? Hereafter no more worries. Today in this post I’m going to show you an easy to watch .Mkv video formats on your windows phone without installing any paid video player.

Currently, the default video player of windows mobile doesn’t support .Mkv videos. So we need to install a third-party application to solve this problem. The application we’re going to install is free so you don’t have to worry about that.

Follow these 7 simple steps to make your windows phone Mkv supported device,

Step-1: On your windows phone, go to windows App store, search for “CCPlayer” and then click on the first link that came up in the results as shown in the below image.


Step-2: Tap on install to download and install CCPlayer on your device. 


Step-3: Once the installation is finished, open the CCPlayer.


Step-4: Click on the ‘Add folder‘.


Step-5: Choose the folder where you’ve placed the video filesAfter choosing the folder, click on the “Tick” icon to add that folder.


Step-6: Once the folder is added, swipe left and now you’ll see the list of videos in the  folder selected by youNow click on the .Mkv video that you want to play.


That’s it. The CCPlayer will now play the .Mkv video selected by you. Below is the screenshot of CCPlayer playing .Mkv videos

Hope you’ve find this article helpful. If you’re looking for any other CCPlayer alternatives then you’ve to check out this post

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