What is on the Deep web? Interesting things on the Deep Web

Today in this post we’re going to see the things that are available only on the hidden web. If you’re new to this topic, then I highly recommend you to read our article: – What is deep web?

Once you’ve got some basic idea about hidden web, continue reading further. Here are some of the most common things that you’ll find only on the deep web,

1. Password Protected Sites

One of the best examples of the deep web is Password protected sites. Password protected sites are sites whose content can be accessed only if you have the valid credentials. Here are some of the examples of password protected sites,

  • Bank websites (Net banking, Debit card, Credit card)
  • eLearning sites (lynda.com, Pluralsight.com)
  • Subscription based sites (Netflix, Spotify, iTunes)
  • Social networking sites(Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • E-mail(Gmail, Yahoo)

And so on.

So the sites whose content can be accessible only by using credentials will come under the invisible web.

2. Limited access networks

Limited access networks is a group of sites whose content can be accessed only using specific software like Tor. To access those sites, our system also needs to have the same encryption technology used in the Limited access network.

Search engines like Google, Bing won’t show results from Limited access networks because they were not able to crawl those sites. This is why we’re using browsers like Tor to access the limited access networks. Here are some of the domain extensions of limited access networks

  • .onion
  • .Bit

3. Private Sites

Private sites can be only viewable by the creator of the site. If anyone needs to visit those websites, they need to know URL of that site. Mostly celebrities, Government officials, Whistleblowers used to have a private blog.

4. Bitcoin and Money-Exchanging services

Bitcoin is an online currency which is designed with anonymity in mind. If you want to buy anything on the dark web, you need to have Bitcoin. In the dark web, there are many Bitcoin-money exchanging services are available, with the help of these services you can easily transfer your money into Bitcoin.

Here are some of the popular bitcoin buying & selling sites on the internet,

  1. Coinbase
  2. BTCC
  3. Bitstamp

5. Cloud storage

Do you use online accounts like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Netbanking? All those comes under the part of the hidden web because the password protects them. For example, here are some of the favorite sites that come under the invisible network,

  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • Lynda
  • Pluralsight

The above-listed sites are accessible only if you have the login credentials that’s why search engines are showing only individual pages from those websites.

So, now you know what are some of the most common things that are making the deep web. If you have any clarifications regarding the deep web, please let us know via the contact page or Comments.

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